Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paint Brush Pens -Review

A while ago I found these amazing things: Crayola Washable Paint Pens.  C-Note hates to color so painting is not going to happen without wailing and gnashing of teeth.  These little babies could be the answer to prayers!  

I ended up losing the things for a very long time.  So long in fact that I forgot I bought them and when I found them at the store again, I marveled at what a wonderful invention they were and promptly bought another pack.  After bringing them home they again went into a drawer for later use.  Are you beginning to see a pattern here?  

A couple of days ago my husband finally agreed that we could in fact split the boys rooms and let C-note take over the guest room.  I use the term 'guest room' very loosely.  It has a bed and a whole lot of junk that I've accumulated for crafts, that have never been completed.  I start out with the best of intentions, but it is a ton of work to follow through with all of my ideas.

Yesterday, I decided that I had better start The Purge if I was ever going to get them separated and bed times more relaxed.  I found all sorts of amazing treasures in that room!  I have forgotten what most of these fun things were bought for in the past, but who cares, they're getting a new purpose now.

Among my treasures I rediscovered the paint pens and some small canvas things.  Well, the guest room was partially decorated, but not in a style that a 7yr old boy would appreciate.  I found the great idea of using silhouettes for kids art and since I had all of the supplies, I went to work.

I made stencils from ordinary printer paper and internet images.  The tips of the pens are shaped like a paint brush, but that's about were the similarity ends.  The tips are marker type material and in fact they 'paint' like markers too.  They do blend like paint would and they are easy to use.  The paint did not bleed through the printer paper as one would expect. 

Here's a sample of my work:

These babies aren't made for permanent art though.  They are washable and will wash off canvas if they get wet.   All my little ones used them on drawing paper and it was the longest painting session we've ever had.  They were all happy with their work and for me, that made the pens worth the expense.

Really are no drip
no visible brush strokes
No mess
Easy cleanup
Blends like real paint
No bleeding, paint stays where you put it
Never triggered sensory avoidance

Not for permanent art
Blending on the paper also blends the color of your pen tip
Feels like a marker
a little pricey

Best Use:
Kids art on paper, no canvas or anything you want to keep long term.

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