Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chewable Necklace Review

C-note likes to chew and put things in his mouth.  He has been known to lick door handles, chew remote controls and stair railings, just to name a few.  For infants and toddlers this behavior is expected and accepted; but it's not acceptable for a 7yr old boy.  So, what could I do?

I started reading up on the issue and found that there are things called Chew Tubes.  They looked great.  The problem was that he would have to carry them around and he would forget where he put it.  My thought was that he would need something that would hang on his neck.  I entered the search of "chewable necklace" on and came up with 485 results.  There are so many options.  Unfortunately, most of them look too "girlie" for C-note.

We started out with this one:  Star Chewable Necklace

I was great.  C-note loved it and would ask for it, until one day a child a kindergarten made a negative comment.  I don't know what was said, he was unable to verbalize the interaction.  But, that was it, and he never wanted to wear it again.  We did have him wear it at home, which he didn't like, so ended up giving it to the puppy.  FYI, a puppy can destroy this necklace in less than 5 minutes.

The chewing didn't improve, so, this time I let him pick out his own.  This was his choice:  Organic Phoenix Chewable Necklace.

There are times that I have to remind him to put it on, but this practically lives in his mouth.  After 2 months of use, it still looks new.  The nylon cord is very long, but can be shortened to whatever size is needed.  It would be nice if the breakaway clasp were more sturdy, but, for the price, it can't be beat.  Since it is a ring, it is easy to bend and flex.  This has caused me concern at times because C-note chews this in all directions, but there are no cracks.

This necklace has been great for my moderate chewer and I recently ordered an identical backup.   C-note's Occupational Therapist also loves this product and is also recommending these to her other patients.

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