Monday, October 6, 2014

No cupcakes for you!

C-note has High Functioning Autism.  So, he tends to be a little more random than most children.  I usually have some idea where his thoughts come from, but there are times that the randomness confuses even me.

Today, we had one of those confusing times.  We had just left the house to run errands when C-note announces that after all of my kids are married that I won't have to make cupcakes anymore.  Sonce I don't make cupcakes, I was sincerely confused.  Upon further questioning, it was determined that I wouldn't have anyone in the house to make birthday cupcakes for.  Let me reiterate, I DO NOT make cupcakes!  I have learned that any cakes or cupcakes that I attempt are the worst cake wrecks you have ever seen.  I asked if he would ever visit me, we could have cupcakes then.  He agreed and said his future wife would probably like it if I would make cupcakes for their baby so they could go out on a date.  HE'S SEVEN YEARS OLD!!  I keep telling him that he has many years to worry about getting a wife and having babies, but he is determined to grow up.

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