Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just when you think things are OK

C-note is in Cub scouts.  It's his first year and he loves it.  He's a Tiger cub, where it all begins.

October is the month that most scouts are in Health and Safety.  We love the Go See It sections so we organized it this time.  For our safety section, we had to go to a Fire or Police department.  We chose the Fire Station.  C-note has been to one before and enjoyed the experience.  This time, not so much.

I'm thankful that I was able to devote my time to C-note as his younger 2 siblings were home with my hubby, Jeremy.  C-note was a clinging vine the whole time.  I had to urge him forward just to stay with the group.  Usually, when there's something new to learn, he will be in the front of the group and asking all sorts of questions.  I encouraged him to join his friends, but when he would reach the edge of the group he would come right back to me and wrap my arms around him.

I learned long ago, that you never try to push a child into something they're uncomfortable with.  That was often done to me as a child and I still resent those times.  It never made me like it, it did the exact opposite.  So that is one thing I will never do to my children and will not allow to have done to my children.

At one point of our tour, they had a Rookie gear up completely.  While all of the kids found it fascinating, C-note was terrified.  He hid.  We stayed in the back and I let him hide.  Another fireman was close by and let C-note take the time to go to the restroom.  On the way back I asked the man to talk with C-note and ease his fear.  He understands mentally that they are there to help, but he can't control the fear of seeing them.  At the end, because he knew what they looked like when they were in their gear, he wouldn't go near them or look at them.  When asked what makes him afraid, he said it's the color of their uniform.  I think it was more that you can't see any of their skin.  But he tried to explain, which he could once upon a time.

It could have been that he was having an "off" day and was more sensitive to the unusual; or it could be that he maintains his fear of firemen and women in complete gear.  I hope not, because if he ever needs their help, I don't want him to run from them.  But, the last time I saw him so afraid was when he about clawed my husbands face off to get away from a man dressed up as Scooby Doo when he was 3yrs old.  We thought that he had gotten past this sort of thing, but apparently it still bothers him.  I don't care if he ever wants to shake hands or be hugged by a random person in a costume.  But I would like him to be able to appreciate the risks that these brave men and women take to keep us safe.  And maybe someday, he'll be able to shake the hand of one of them and tell them "thank you"

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