Thursday, October 2, 2014

The day Bumblebee decided to play Superman

My house is a disaster right now.  Three days ago I split my boys rooms and let the oldest have the guest room.  This didn't go slowly, like I had planned in my head.  I started to clean out the guest room and was instantly asked what I was doing by C-note.  He has to know everything about everything and any change in his world must be labeled and assimilated.  I had to tell him; that of course accelerated my plans because it was now something that he wanted done months ago.  So, all of the stuff (junk) that was in the guest room, including decor, is now piled up in my room awaiting sorting and ejection from the house.

To add to my madness I decided that I couldn't stand the layout of my living room any longer.  (Oh, at times I get something in my head that I can't move past.  It will drive me crazy until something is done about it.  Hey, my boys had to get it from somewhere.)  When I redecorate, I simply start moving things until they make me happy.

I was in the middle of living room chaos when lunch time hit.  In my house that means all activity must cease and desist until little mouths are fed.  So off I went.  I finally able to sit down to eat after the boys had finished and ran off to play.  The favorite location is C-notes new room, it was off limits before, so it is currently the most amazing room EVER.

There is a very tall bookshelf in that room and Bumblebee insists on climbing everything right now.  Today, the bookshelf was the target.  Bumblebee made it up and took a flying leap off the top of the bookshelf.  This, unfortunately, unbalanced the bookshelf and made the whole thing topple...right on top of C-note, who was reading a book on the floor.

So, here I was happily eating my lunch and chatting with Lil' Bit, when I here this crash that sounded like the floor was caving in, followed a split second later by earsplitting screams.  When I reached the room, I saw C-note trying to get himself out from under the shelf as Bumblebee looked on in horror.

The large gap is where I pulled out one of the shelves.  As I lifted C-note out of the shelf, I saw several small cuts from the top of his eyebrows to the tip of his nose.  Long ago I worked for an ENT who would get so mad at parents when they didn't bring their child in immediately for a facial injury.  This is because a nose must be set the same day as the injury, or the nose has to be rebroken, it heals that fast.  So he was going to the

Bless my neighbor, I saw her coming home and I completely hijacked her.  I told her briefly what happened and asked if she would keep the two littles for me; the angel agreed and off we went.  

C-note was calm by the time we got to the ER and ended up having the greatest time ever.  They had him get into superhero poses so they could take xrays. They told him how brave he was and made jokes with him.  They made his day by explaining the xrays to him.  He was given the remote for the tv in his room which only had kids channels and he had mom all to himself.

After a couple of hours we were assured that there were no internal injuries and no broken bones.  C-note was given a lollipop and a sticker and I was given a bill. 

My husband did come home while I was still at the ER to take care of the littles.  Bumblebee has hopefully learned a lesson about climbing furniture (though I doubt it).  I got to witness C-note's fascination on learning about xrays and ct scans. And hopefully, the next time my neighbor comes over, my house won't be in such a state of transition.

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