Saturday, September 27, 2014

Where did my stuff go?!

At home, if I can't locate a particular item, I rarely blame one of the kids.  Even the 2yr old is generally ruled out of swiping items.  You see, my husband likes to hold things when he talks.  He knows this about himself, which is good.  He doesn't carry something for himself, so he picks up anything that happens to be in his reach as he's talking, which is bad.

I've learned that if an item goes missing, currently it's my main set of keys, I just go and search his "spaces" for said item.   To ask where things are is an exercise in futility, he doesn't remember picking them up, much less where he left it.  He has adamantly denied moving items which have later been found on his desk.  People have also learned at his work place that he takes things and they simply go to his office for their return.  One day he accumulated 6 staplers on his desk with no idea who they belonged to.  I think he's better than the lost and found desk, of course, he is the reason that the item is lost in the first place.

Currently my keys are lost.  I have turned my house upside down for them.  We are trying to sell a house right now and some of the keys to it are on that ring.  I also can't check my mail box because it's keyed, but hubby can so it's his job now.  This loss could cost us $200 minimum.  The big cost is from the remote control vehicle key.  I have asked what happened to them but he denies ever having them.  I would really like to know how he was able to drive my van to work.....Since that day they have been completely AWOL.  It's been almost a month now and I keep praying that they'll turn up, but I fear they are gone for good.

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