Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pokemon Party

My oldest recently turned 7yrs old.  Before his birthday, I asked him what theme he wanted.  He is obsessed with Pokemon, so that's what he asked for.  I thought, since Pokemon has been around for years that this should be easy, right? WRONG!

Pokemon stuff is still around, but it's influence is dwindling so items are getting harder to find.  Harder to find = more expensive.  So I did what any mom would do in the face of promising her child the party of his dreams.  I made as much as I could and scoured the internet.  Party City and Toys R Us are the only local stores that had ANYTHING.

I started 2 months early, and boy am I glad!  I made these pokeballs for a pokeball toss.  Amazon was a great resource for prizes and a Pin the Scalchop on Oshowat.

Collected pictures of all the kids coming to the party and made each one a personalized pokemon card thanks to this web site: Make your own pokemon cards  I also made made the bags (so easy).

I was extremely pleased with the end result.

I also found an amazing artist who is willing to email fans his art for free when you contact him. I had his art printed on a piece of tin and displayed it behind the cake.  Josh is an amazing artist and you can contact him through this link Pokemon Poster

It was a lot of prepatory work, but my son had a great birthday.  

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