Thursday, March 12, 2015

Excuse me?

Kids don't always get their words right, especially at the age of three.  Lately, Lil' Bit has been coming up with some DOOZIES!

The other night, my hubby was putting the the little monster to bed and she asked for her "roofie".  Of course, she was asked to repeat the request.  She did so, acting like her daddy was a little slow; really, how could he NOT understand that she wanted her "Roofie".  I waited until he finally gave up and in a very confused voice, asked me where Lil' Bit's Roofie was.  I couldn't stop laughing as I handed him a blue kangaroo named "Ruby"!

This morning, her tongue was at it again.  Most mornings I make the kids oatmeal and they choose what fruit they want in it.  Lil Bit really likes frozen blueberries as they cool down the oatmeal as well as being super yummy.  Most days she will ask for her precious "booberries"; but not this morning.  Oh no, she about made me drop to the floor in shock.  "Mommy?  I want boobies".  Now I knew for a FACT that I hadn't heard correctly.  "Boobies?" I asked.  "Yes.  Boobies in my oatmeal" (insert cheesy grin).  Thankfully, that was something I could immediately provide.  It was at this point that C-Note burst out in unrestrained laughter.

From roofies to boobies, nothing is sacred.  I am scared and yet I look forward to hearing her next verbal faux pas.

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